Weapons & Warfare

Remember when completing some of the below tasks that we are looking specifically at Ancient Egyptian weapons and armor. You are not to depict any sword for example - what were Ancient Egyptian swords like?

Task 1. (5 points)
Make a list of the weapons used in Ancient Egypt. Draw pictures of five of your favourite weapons.

Task 2. (10 points)
What types of armour were used by the Ancient Egyptians? What was the armour made from? Who wore armour? What factors limited the development of more protective armour?

Task 3. (10 points)
Discuss how weapons were made. What materials were used? Where did these materials come from? Who made the weapons?

Task 4. (15 points)
Who did the Ancient Egyptians war with? Where did their enemies come from? What weapons and armour did they use?

Task 5. (10 points)
Describe the events of a famous battle or of a famous warrior or leader? What was the significance of the war or the hero’s achievements?

Task 6. (15 points)
What training was undertaken by Ancient Egyptian armies? Were soldiers conscripted? What levels of leadership were there? What was the life of a soldier like? What did they do when not fighting wars?

Task 7. (10 points)
What gods do you think Egyptian warriors and soldiers would worship? Why?

Task 8. (20 points)
Write a journal entry by a soldier who managed to survive a large battle. Include what happened, who the fight was between, and make sure that you use the correct weaponry of the time.

Task 9. (15 points)
Sometimes pharaohs led their armies into battle. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a king at the head of an army? Can you name any famous warrior pharaohs? Do modern rulers lead their own armies into battle? Why/why not? (Should they)?

Task 10. (10/20 points)
Explain the use of chariots in warfare in Ancient Egypt. Craft your own chariot or create a tomb painting depicting a chariot driver.

Task 11. (10 points per item)
Create replicas of Ancient Egyptian arms and armour.

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