TWWB Characters

Tomorrow, When the War Began is first person narration. The story is told through the eyes of one of the teenage characters, Ellie.

Ellie describes her fellow campers towards the end of chapter one.


TASK 1 - Character Profiles

Write a short description of each of the characters. Set this out clearly with a character on each page and leave space to add information between each points.

You need to take when separating Ellie's thoughts from actual features.

For each profile, include:

  1. Background. Where they live; what they do; family, etc.
  2. Physical characteristics. What they look like.
  3. Personality traits. What sort of person they are (disposition); What they like/enjoy; interests; what they are good at, etc.
  4. What Ellie thinks of them. You should be able to determine this from they way she describes them.
  5. Your thoughts on them. Whether you like the character and why; can you relate to them?; do you want to see what happens to them?; will they add interest to the story?; what role are they here to play?; any predictions about them; do you think this character will be one to undergo significant change in the book (and if so, how will they change)?; etc.
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