The Outsiders

The Outsiders is studied some years as part of the Year 9 Teens Theme.

This is a link to the Spark Notes for The Outsiders. It includes chapter summaries, theme discussions, character profiles and plot summaries.

Persuasive Essay Topics

For each of these, make sure you choose a side and argue your viewpoint strongly. (Look at the work we have done on Persuasive Writing - and in time, I will have that on the site too ;)).

Topic 1

Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally were not heroes. They were simply making up for an event they caused and just happened to be there at the right time. Do you agree?

Present a case arguing for or against this statement. You may argue differently for each of the characters.

Topic 2

The Curtis brothers should never have been allowed to remain together without adult care. The younger boys would have clearly been better off in a boys home. Do you agree?

Present your case for the boys being better together as they were or whether they would have been better in the boys home they were threatened with in the novel.

Topic 3

Johnny dreamed of a place, "without Greasers or Socs, with just people. Plain ordinary people." Is it possible to escape labels like 'Soc' or 'Greaser' or are the characters of the book judged solely on their associations?

When deciding on a point of view you should consider the conversations between the different groups, including Ponyboy and Cherry, and Ponyboy and Randy. Also look at how adults and others, that do not belong to either group, treat the characters.

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