Start Of WW2

Watch the film below, read pages 46-52 of Cambridge History 10 for the Australian Curriculum (Stop when you get to 'Key Events of World War II…'), then complete the following tasks in your work books.

The book, Victory - The Epic of World War 2 (on the shelves in Room 4) should also be used for extra research.



  1. Stick a copy of the timeline and map (from pages 44-45).
  2. Write down seven of the words in green along with their definitions. Try to choose words you were not already familiar with or that caught your attention.
  3. Add more details to your list of ideas stating the reasons for the outbreak of WWII.
  4. Explain why it is hard to clearly state what started WWII.
  5. Write a short paragraph outlining how Hitler came to power in Germany.
  6. Summarise the section under the heading: Why didn't Britain & France try to Stop Hitler?. Also add any extra information from the video.
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