English Skills Tasks & Games

This page is to catalog the different tasks we set up with the 7/8 class for short focussed sessions. Students rotate through the groups.



This is the Scrabble-like board game where you can also place letters on top.

  • You cannot go higher than 5 letter tiles.
  • You can only place letters in one direction.

Word Dominoes

These are in a basket in the classroom.

  • If a domino sits against two others words must make sense wherever two dominoes join.
  • You score points equal to the number of letters of all the words you make.

Word Finds

(Print out some from internet. Make them about other English terms and rules).

Rhymes & Word Families

  • Put up 3 words that students need to write rhyming words for.
  • Put up 3 words that students need to write other forms of the word for.

Sentence Expansion

Provide basic sentence. Have set items students must then add.
EGs: clause, phrase, adverb, adjective, conjunction, pronouns, preposition.

Paragraph Punctuation

Print out a paragraph (double-spaced) with some punctuation and grammatical errors. Students are to correct the passage.


Use the dice game or the grid from the newspaper.

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