Simile Metaphor Poems

A collection of Simile & Metaphor Poems I have kept or students have chosen to add from the poetry classes I have taught.

For students adding your poems to this page:
1. Copy the template below (inc dashed lines at bottom).
2. Paste it at the top of the last poem.
3. Fill in each part.


Poem Name

Short statement about your poem. Maybe why you did it or how you got your ideas.
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(Name, Class, Year)

Sadness is…

This poem came to me really quickly and I don't really know why it's so sad.

Like the sun in a day of mist,
Like bloody cuts on your wrist.
Like a bird with no wings,
Like a violin with no strings.

Like a world with no tunes,
Like the sound of popping balloons.
Like Maccas calling their chips, fries,
Like a lonely girl who cries.

Like everyone judging you,
Like always feeling blue.
Like not being good enough,
Like saying a girl can’t be tough.

Like a child without a parent,
Like someone’s behaviour becoming aberrant.
Like an ocean with no waves,
Like a cemetery with family graves.

Like a man without a wife,
Like a teenager taking their life.
Like slowly dying inside,
Like someone committing suicide.

(Lilly, 7/8, 2018)


I wrote this poem about uniqueness Because it is the class theme.It was fun to write this poem as my last one because it was my favourite type of poem

Uniqueness is..
Like having your own style,
Like wearing clothes that aren't Vile.
Like standing out,
Like always wearing a pout.
Like being bold,
Like looing like gold.
Like being yourself,
Like laughing to oneself.
Like being super kind,
Uniqueness is hard to find.
(Josie, Year 8, 30/08/2017)


I wrote this because we had to write this for our class theme.

Uniqueness is…
Like a dancing snowflake,
Like a home baked cake.
Like a flowing artwork,
Like a sparkling firework.
Like a child's footprint,
Like a sensitive fingerprint.
Like random chips,
Like a total solar eclipse.
Like a colourful leaf on a tree,
Like a small buzzing bee.
Like having an unconcious mind,
Like being the only one of it's kind.
(Lilly, year 7, 2017)

Boredom Is…

I did this poem because I had a lot of inspiration at the time (I was bored).

Like a book with no start,
Like a man with no heart.
Like a prisoner in jail,
Like pointless junk mail.
Like a man with no expression,
Like a house with no possessions.
Like a blank white room,
Like an explosion with no boom.

(Joseph Coles, 7/8, 2017)

Sadness is…

Like a wound I can’t heal,
Like an overdue bill.
Like sitting alone,
Like dancing on my own.
Like fighting with my best friend,
Like my life coming to an end.
Like getting everything wrong,
Like listening to a sad song.
Like that lost pet that you held dear,
Like watching everyone disappear.

(Lilly, 7/8, 2017)

Hate Is…

I wrote a really good starting couplet and decided to write a full poem.

Like a burning fire,
Like a compulsive liar.
Like an evil friend,
Like a cheating boyfriend.
Like misplaced love,
Like a dying dove.
Like always living in fear,
Like a sharp spear.
Like envying everyone but you,
The world can go get screwed.

(Josie, Year 8, 23/08/2017)

Dreaming Is…

I did this on dreaming because it was the easiest feeling to do out of the rest.

Like jumping on a cloud,
Like listening to music out loud.
Like a happy ending fairy tale,
Like watching the sky drop hail.
Like touching the sparking stars,
Like riding a speedy car.
Like being on the best team,
Like making your own themes.
Like not doing your homework,
Like not being a jerk.

(Hayley, 7/8, 2017)

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