Silly Stanzas

A collection of Silly Stanzas I have kept or students have chosen to add from the poetry classes I have taught.

These were inspired by some fun poems from a certain book we had in our library. It is a great resource for beginning poets. The book is My Brother Drinks Out of the Toilet and Other Poems by Colin Thompson.

Adding Poems

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My Grumpy Uncle

I have a grumpy uncle,
As lazy as can be.
Always drinking coffee,
And spilling it down his knee.
(Darcy, 2022)

Silly Sister

I’ve got a little sister,
Who cherishes her hair.
So, I took the garden scissors,
And made her very bare.
(Grace, 2022)

My Annoying Teacher

I wanted something about school so why not a teacher.
I had an annoying teacher,
Who yelled at every one.
So I yelled back at him,
That sent him on the run.
(Ky, 7/8, 2017)

My Brother

I liked the idea of this and it sounded funny

I had an older brother,
Who liked to play the bass.
He played it in a brass band,
It sounded out of place.
(Cameron, 7/8, 2017)

My Sister

I am a nice person. I promise

I had a little sister,
I put her in a cell,
Threw away the keys,
Now she’s in hell.
(Cian, 7/8, 2017)

My Brother

I just don't know.

I had an older brother,
I threw him outside,
Opened the window,
And gave him cyanide.

(Cian, 7/8, 2017)

The "Cool" Kid

I made this poem because I needed another poem for my anthology

There once was a young boy
Who tried to act cool.
He tried to do a backflip,
He was an absolute tool.

(Joseph Coles, 7/8, 2017)

The Terrible Mum

I've got a terrible mum
Who is always mad.
It not my fault
My brothers are just too bad.
(Lilly, 7/8, 2017)

The Old Man

I was trying to do something funny.

I knew an old man
Who was obsessed with the loo.
He didn't really know anything
Except for doing the number two.
(Lilly, 7/8, 2017)

My Feral Brother

I’ve got a little brother,
He was a bit feral.
So mum sent him away,
To loopy Aunt Cheryl.

(Lilly, 7/8, 2017)—-

The Crazy Girl

I knew a crazy girl,
Who was a liar?
She was sent away
And burnt in a fire.

(Lilly, 7/8, 2017)

Bad Teacher

A really quick poem I wrote
I had a bossy teacher,
Who really hated me.
So yesterday I sliced him up
And buried him under a tree.

(Ella, year 7, 2017)

My little sister

This is just a quick poem I came up with.

I had a little sister,
She was a big disgrace.
So we bought an old rocket
And sent her off to space.

(Jack, 7/8, 2017)

My Older Sister

The sister I have.

I have an older sister,
She lives in a cave.
I thought I’d better find her,
But she’s not worth a save.

(James, Year 7, 2017)

Get Away Sister

This is a quick poem i wrote. I think it's funny because i based it on my older sister. But she never wanted to get away i did.

I had an older sister,
She had no friends.
She always wanted to leave,
So she left in a Mercedes Benz.

(Josie year 8, 23/08/2017)

I had an Older Brother

I did this because I couldn't think of a poem.

I had an older brother
Who wasn’t very nice.
He stole all my money,
So I stuck him in a vice.

(George, 7/8, 2017)

My Weird Aunty

these ones are very funny and good to do if you have trouble with poems .
I had a weird aunty
She had to go to the loo,
She was in there for an hour
And she said she did a two.

(Hayley, 7/8, 2017)

Silly Brother

I had an annoying brother
Who gave too many tips,
So I served him up for dinner
With some spicy chips.

(Holly, 7/8, 2017)

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