Religion & Mythology

Task 1. (10 points)
Make a list of some of the deities worshipped in Ancient Egypt and include what they ‘controlled’. Ie; what/who were they god/goddess over. Draw pictures of five of your favourite deities.

Task 2. (10 points per statuette)
Make a statuette (ushtabi) of one of the gods. Alternatively, you could make it of a mythical creature (such as a sphinx) or of an animal sacred to one of the gods.

Task 3. (15 points)
Write a diary for a priest of priestess that encompasses a week’s worth of entries. Try to include an important/exciting time like a special festival or holy day. Ideas to consider; what do you wear, what are your duties, which deity do you favour? etc.

Task 4. (15 points)
Put together a complete profile of a deity of your choice. Include their physical description (maybe even a picture), their personality, what they were god/goddess of, what actions they undertook, their relations to other deities, anything else of importance. Remember this task fully details one deity.

Task 5. (10 points)
Outline one of Ancient Egypt’s creation myths. Ideas: How was the world created? How were humans created? What about the Nile and the establishment of Ancient Egyptian civilisation?

Task 6. (15 points)
Retell an Egyptian myth of your choice. What does this myth tell us? Are their any ‘messages’ in the myth? What impact did it have on Egyptian society?

Task 7. (10 points)
Prepare a comic strip or set out an Egyptian myth as a tomb painting in the art style of the Ancient Egyptians. You may choose to tell the story of a deity (or one of their accomplishments) in this style.

Task 8. (5 points)
Make a list of 10 gods with the animals that were sacred to them. (Or the animal that formed part of the deity’s appearance – usually the head).

Task 9. (20 points)
Create your very own Egyptian deity. Name the deity. Describe the deity and what their responsibilities are. Ie. what they are god/goddess of. Write one myth about the deity. Include what the deity looks like – a picture would be the best way to do this. Use existing deities and myths to help shape your ideas. (Alternatively, you could do this task creating a monster or mythological creature that you need to fit into Ancient Egyptian mythology).

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