Point Of View

A collection of student poems.

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Life of a Drumkit

I wrote this poem when one day I thought how painful it would be to be a drumkit.

I was born in a factory
and made sure that I was satisfactory.
I was sent out to a rowdy teenager,
And from then on I was in constant danger.

Every day I am in constant pain.
I feel like I have been hit by a train.
Even when he goes away
I still ache all day.

Every day he used me less and less.
I felt extremely blessed.
Then he tried to skateboard.
He used me for a week or so until he got bored.

And then I was left in the corner to rot,
I thought I had hit the jackpot.
I was going to have a life that is long,
Until his little sister came along.
(Xav, 7, 2018)

The Life of an Eraser

I kept loosing my rubbers so I had an idea of writing my point of view poem on this.

My home is in a pencil case,
When I’m not being thrown, at people's face.
I’m used with a pencil and a ruler,
Oh, I wish my life was cooler.

I get scrubbed, rubbed and burned,
It’s like they don’t care, about me being harmed.
They write and draw all over me,
Sometimes I think of what my life could be.

That’s me, an eraser,
We’re not really the best,
In the stationary range,
But we help you, when you’re stressed.
(Lilly, 7/8, 2018)

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