Poetry - Introduction & Instructions

Over the years, we have had various incarnations of Writing Wycheproof. It started out as a small print publication in the school, then moved on to various blogs. Unfortunately, all of those folded and a lot of student work was lost. In the meantime, I have not collected enough student work, so I am creating this page to once again gather the work together.

There are different pages for the different types of poems, so that each page does not get too big.

Please feel free to discuss ideas or add positive comments regarding other students' poems in our Poetry Forums.

Adding Your Own Poems to the Pages Here

  1. Select the appropriate page from the side navigation bar.
  2. Paste your poem at the top, ABOVE previous poems on the page.
  3. Make sure your poem has a title that stands out.
  4. Write a little introduction in italics at the top.
  5. Separate from other poems with a dashed line (x5).
  6. Include your first name, grade and the year in brackets at the bottom of your poem.


Poetry Sites & Tools

Having trouble rhyming words? Try using Write Rhymes or Rhyme Zone.

I have added some poems developed in class. These 'may' serve as inspiration for your creations ;)

Still think you are having trouble and can't come up with anything to write about, or that your ideas are not good enough?

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