Place Traveller Poems

A collection of Place & Traveller Poems I have kept or students have chosen to add from the poetry classes I have taught.

For students adding your poems to this page:
1. Copy the template below (inc dashed lines at bottom).
2. Paste it at the top of the last poem.
3. Fill in each part.


Poem Name

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well i needed some eassy so i did my home town.
As I drove in to Wycheproof
I saw a man who started to woof;
And when I stopped to ask him why
He just stood and rolled his eye
And said my house has an iron roof;
So I drove onto Wycheproof.

(Ky, 7/8, 2017)

My Journey To Boort

I wrote this poem the week we were going to Boort to play footy and hockey.
As I walked into Boort,
I saw a strange man in the court.
He had tattoos of threatening snakes,
But a shirt saying “I love cupcakes”.
This town has really strange people I thought.
So I turned around from this town called Boort.

(Joseph Coles, 7/8, 2017)


Needed a poem.

As I rode in to Castlemaine,
I met a man who was quite insane.
He had a really fluffy cat,
But he whacked it with a cricket bat.
This man I met had no brain
So I rode away from Castlemaine.

(Cameron, 7/8, 2017)

Kangaroo Flat

Something random.

As I walked into Kangaroo Flat,
I passed a guy with a stripped bat
And when i said "excuse me man"
he screamed "shu or i'll hit you with my pan".
I turned around and left Kangaroo Flat.
(Lilly, 7/8, 2017)


I came up with this by picking a random place on the map.

When I drove into Gwanbegwine,
I met a man with some wine,
He said, “Would you like some mate?”
Then I said, “Nah I’ll wait.”
And it didn’t take an Einstein,
To know to leave Gwanbegwine.

(Jack, 7/8, 2017)

The Funny Bow

This one is the first traveller poem I ever did in my life it was fun and easy, I liked doing them.
As I rode into Bendigo,
I meet a man with a funny bow
And, when I said, “Where’s the loo?”
He cried, “Good day to you,
It’s down near the river flow.”
So I rode on to Bendigo.

(Hayley, 7/8, 2017)

The Black Bat

Because I liked the the traveller poems I had to do a other so I did.
As I rode into kangaroo flat,
I meet a man with a black bat
And, when I said, “Where’s the park?”
He yelled, “Good day to you mark,
It’s down near the store of cats.”
So I rode on to kangaroo flat.

(Hayley, 7/8, 2017)


I just found a place on the map and wrote a poem about it.
As I drove into Wellington,
I passed a shop with a shoe sale on;
And when I asked the guy, “What’s for sale,”
For some reason he went all pale
I got no answer when I asked, “Are you okay son?”
So I drove onto Wellington.

(Holly, 7/8, 2017)

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