Pharaohs & V.I.P.s

Task 1. (5 points)
List all of the rulers from one of the dynasties. Write why you chose this dynasty.

Task 2. (10 points)
Make a statuette (ushtabi) of one of the pharaohs.

Task 3. (15 points)
Write a diary for a chosen pharaoh or other person of importance that encompasses a week’s worth of entries. Try to include an important/exciting time, such as when their ruler-ship was challenged or the day they came to power. Ideas to consider: what do you wear, what are your duties, which deity do you favour? Etc.

Task 4. (15 points)
Put together a complete profile of a pharaoh/V.I.P of your choice. Include their physical description (maybe even a picture), their personality, what they are famous for, what actions they undertook, their relations to others, anything else of importance. Remember, this task fully details one person of note.

Task 5. (15 points)
Retell an account of a pharaoh performing some great deed from one of their follower’s perspective. Does this person like the pharaoh? Why/Why not?

Task 6. (10 points)
Prepare a comic strip or illustrate a tomb painting in the art style of the Ancient Egyptians, depicting the life of a pharaoh or other V.I.P.

Task 7. (20 points)
Write an essay comparing and contrasting the rulership and government of Ancient Egypt to that of modern day Australia.

Task 8. (10 points)
Pretend that you are the Pharoah of Ancient Egypt. Write down a list of laws and ideas that you would like to implement. What would be the three main things you would like to change? Would you be as radical as Arkenaten? Make sure you outline what ‘time period’ you are ruling.

Task 9. (10/20 points)
Pretend that you are the Pharoah of Ancient Egypt. Design your own funerary mask or tomb. For an extra 10 points make a model of your design.

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