Other Poems

A collection of any other style of poem that the students have chosen to try.

Adding Poems

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The Farmers

I copied this template form C.J. Dennis’ ‘The Drovers’.

Out across the shrub lands, out across the plains,
Out across the Mallee root down the dusty lanes.
That’s the way the farmers go, driving down the track,
That’s the way the farmers go. But how do they come back?
Back across the Mallee root, back down the dusty lanes,
Back across the shrub lands, back across the plains.

(James, 7,8, 2017)

The Runaway Boy

He ran from home the unknown,
Every step he took he felt alone.
Parents worried sick so they grabbed the phone,
Called the police and they made a search party.
They went to town to town then stopped to see,
There baby running into there arms,
Then they went back home and said you are not alone.
This is were you belong.

(Maddison, 7,8, 2018)


School is for A+ people,
School is for people who can handle the stress.
School is a place to make life long friends,
School is supposedly bully free,
All that proves is school is not for me.

(Maddison, 7,8, 2018)

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