A collection of Odes I have kept or students have chosen to add from the poetry classes I have taught.

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Ode To European Football

I choose to do an ode on European football because it is one of my favourite sports alongside hockey.

The beautiful game,
Which is anything but lame.
Some Australians call it awful,
I call it European football.

There’s nothing better than when your team wins the cup.
Or when your team is losing but they don’t give up.
Whether it’s the Champions League or the Cup Of Nations,
They’ll always meet your high expectations.

There’s nothing more intense than when it goes to penalties,
Especially if it’s your team’s worst enemy.
Whether they completely miss or ace the shot,
You’ll always now the battle was well fought.

These are the reasons I love this sport.
Whether I’m playing outdoors or in an indoor court,
I’m always enjoying playing football.
Even though some Australians call it awful.

(Joseph Coles, 7/8, 2017)

Ode to Two Minute Noodles

I needed a topic.

Have em’ in a bowl or a cup,
Eat em’ with a fork, or slurp them up.
Have them with many foodles,
They are the wonderful two minute noodles.

Have em’ cooked have em’ raw,
Have em’ with peas and corn.
You might have to doodle,
The amount of two minute noodles.

Cook em’ on the stove or in the microwave,
Have em’ near the coast or in a lovely cave.
Have them with apple strudels,
They are the stylish two minute noodles.

There’s flavours like beef and chicken
Or yummy pork finger lickin’.
Fed them to your skinny poodles,
They are the flavoursome two minute noodles.

What goes down your throat?
Like water in a moat.
I would eat oodles,
Of those two minute noodles.

(James, 7/8, 2017)

Ode to the Sun

I choose to right an ode to the sun because I was not having any luck with my other topics that I was writing about. so I choose the sun.

Shines bright,
Even at night.
Make the world warm,
So we have no storms.
I love the colours,
It contains so many wonders.
The sun will always rise,
And is very wise.
The sun is very fierce,
It’s a beautiful force.

(Josie 23/08/2017)

Ode to Pancakes

I did pancakes because I felt like pancakes when we where doing odes and it is the same set-out of the ode to a sausage by Kel Richards.

Serve’em Nutella or ice-cream,
Serve’em yoghurt or serve’em fruit salad,
They’re always coming out of the pan,
The yummy, and wonderful, pan cakes.

Served with caramel sauce or jam,
Eaten indoors or with pam,
There are big thick one,
And small thin ones, the yummy pan cakes.

Turned into pikelets with more batter,
“Give us more pancakes!” is what they all said,
They can get big as the lake,
The beautiful sweet stacked pan cakes.

“I don’t like pan cakes!” Uncle Alf said,
Uncle Alf was healthy, rich and dead,
He could have survived if he’d eaten up stacks,
Of yummy, and wonderful, pan cake.

“I don’t like pan cakes!” uncle Alf said,
Uncle Alf was healthy and rich and dead,
He could’ve survived if he’d eaten up stacks.

A kid at Wyche was sad and had no friends,
Then he walked down the street with a grin,
Everyone asked what made him so happy,
He said, “It was the wonderful, pan cakes.”

What is that melts with delight in the mouth,
And is sticky on your hands and fingers.
I know the answer (But I don’t want to brag):
Your taste buds, my friends have just eating a pan cake.

(Hayley, 7/8, 2017)

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