Mean Girls

Mean Girls Writing Tasks

Choose one of the following to write about. Your response should be around 600 words.

We will be writing these completely in class (today and tomorrow).

Only use the Internet for QUOTES from the movie to support YOUR ideas. Do NOT copy other people's ideas!


1. High school logic is crazy. A student is often expected to act contrary to their intellect and character development just to 'fit in'. Using examples from the film, show how this high school logic is not good for the development of a fully rounded individual.

2. There are many lessons we can learn from Mean Girls. Outline three things characters in the film learnt and apply that learning to real life teenagers. (ie. What can and should we do in the real world with this knowledge?)

3. Gender roles play a prominent part in Mean Girls. Discuss several ways in which the teenagers enforce these gender roles (such as the symbolism of pink for the Plastics), but also how the film tries to break them down (such as the strength of characters like Ms Norbury and Damian). Conclude by stating what you think the directors and writers of the film tried to show us about gender roles.

4. Look into the final years of Caesar's life. Write a comparitive piece comparing it with Mean Girls.

5. Write a comparitive piece on Mean Girls and The Hunger Games looking particularly at the conflict and how teenagers treat each other. (Or how society treats teenagers if you prefer).

6. Write a comparitive piece on Mean Girls and The Outsiders. Remember to focus on the big ideas: gender roles would be a good one, as would wealth and socio-economic status, and/or what teenagers do to 'belong' to a group.

7. Mean Girls is told through Cady's perspective. We even get some first person narration throughout the film.
Retell a scene from the point of view of another character. Remember the three levels of P.O.V writing that I look for:

  • Accuracy: your story can't change what happens, but it is seen through different eyes. Remember to write using "I" for the narrator (first person).
  • Thoughts & Feelings in the moment: The advantage of writing in the first person is that we can understand how they are feeling during the scene. What do they think about what is going on right now?
  • Thoughts ond feelings on the 'big picture': This shows a true understanding of the character. Also look for a chance to give this character's perspective on one of the bigger issues in the film. (Such as those mentioned on other topics above).

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