Market Day Points Assignment

In this project you choose your own area of Ancient Egyptian life to study. Within that area you choose which tasks to complete. All work will be presented at an Ancient Egyptian market day where other classes and visitors will browse the stalls. You will be present at your stall to answer questions and provide further information.

So you are expected to become an expert on one area of Ancient Egyptian life.


• Choose which topic you wish to do. Each topic looks at a different aspect of Ancient Egyptian life.

• Research for your chosen topic. You are expected to consult a variety of sources, not one website. 5 points of the project are assigned to references, so make sure you write down all the books, websites and other sources you consult.

• Select 45 points worth of tasks from the options available. Some activities are written responses; some involve making models or creating items. You may choose how to present each task that you choose. You may choose a poster for some tasks and a short written report for others, or even a podcast or PowerPoint presentation. Often the nature of the task will give you a good idea of how to present it. You may consult with the teacher to alter the point assigned to each task. You may even have an idea of your own that you can assign points to.

• At the end of this unit you will be presenting your work at our Ancient Egypt Market Day and will be expected to answer questions on your area chosen – so learn the material, not just copy and paste.

Areas of Study

Clothing & Jewellery
Education & Writing
Everyday Life
Health & Medicine
Mummies & The Afterlife
Pharaohs & VIPs
Pyramids & Structures
Religion & Mythology
Weapons & Warfare

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