A collection of Limericks I have kept or students have chosen to add from the poetry classes I have taught.

Adding Poems

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One Of a Kind

This my poem about uniqueness.

I am one of a kind,
I think differently in my mind,
No-one is the same,
No-one is to blame,
And I do not mind.
(Cian, 7/8, 2017)

The Unique geek

I made this with the theme uniqueness
There once was a boy who was unique,
Everyone just called him a geek.
Then one day,
He went away,
Then the school grades became quite bleak.

(Jack, 7/8, 2017)

The Uniqueness Man

We had to write a poem about uniqueness.
There once was a man who was unique,
One day he ate a pink leek.
The silly old dill,
Got very, very ill,
And now he's grown a beak.
(James, 7/8, 2017)

The Girl From Berri

This poem reminds me of a girl that came to Nully a few years ago.

There was a girl from Berri.
She was a little to merry,
Her over joy was boring,
And became super annoying
So I shipped her of on the ferry.

Taya (7/8 2017)

Rope Pope

There once was a Pope,
That had eaten a rope.
He started to cry,
He was about to die,
And now he has no hope.

(James, 7/8, 2017)

The Lion

I did this because I didn't know what to do for a topic so I did it about a lion that wasn't brave.
There once was a lion that wasn’t brave,
He tried to enter a dark cave.
But he ran away,
To the nice bay,
And rode a massive wave.

(Hayley, 7/8, 2017)

The Girl named Lily

I did this because I thought of a name easy to rhyme with

There once was a girl named Lily,
Who ate a very hot chili.
She went all red,
So she went off to bed.
When she woke she looked really silly.

(George, 7/8, 2017)

A Girl From Nully

Inspired by a friend.
There once was a girl from Nully,
Who was in a hurry for a dunny.
She needed the loo
To do a number two,
By then it was really runny.

(Holly, 7/8, 2017)


I just wrote this poem because I liked the ryhmes.

There once was a very quiet queen,
She was hardly ever seen.
She was very pale,
And she ate a lot of kale.
She died when she chocked on a bean.

(Josie, Year 8, 2017)

Little Boy

There once was a boy called jack,
Who lived in a tiny shack.
The walls weren’t straight
And they needed more paint,
Go help him he’s at the end of that track.

(Holly, 7/8, 2017)

The curious Cat

There was once a curious cat,
Who really was quite fat.
She loved to sleep on my donor,
And eat the leftover tuna,
If only she had eaten my rice-hat.

(Lilly, 7/8, 2017)

Pig in the City

We did this one as a quick class example.
There was a pig from New York,
Who was curious about the making of pork.
Soon, no-one could find her,
She ended up in the grinder,
And later appeared on a fork.

(7/8 Class, 2017)

Mac the Slack

I originally named this poem Jack the Slack (because he had made a limerick about me) but I then changed it.

There once was a man named Mac,
Who was an absolute slack.
He tried to build,
But was unskilled.
And ended up breaking his back.

(Joseph Coles, 7/8, 2017)

Emperor of Rome Limerick

I wrote this one for our History class. I am sure you can guess which movie we had just finished viewing ;).

There was a young emperor of Rome,
Who wished to ascend to the throne.
He was a tad mad,
He bumped off his dad,
Then celebrated with the greatest games ever known.
(Mr C)

The Boy Who Pushed Too Hard Limerick

One I put together as a demonstration for the class, after talking about how Limericks were often a little rude or bawdy.

There was a boy with very bad flatulence.
Who liked to let one rip at every chance.
One day, he pushed so hard,
That his classmates were scarred,
By the stench and the stain in his pants.
(Mr C)

Young Footballer from Nullawil

Just b/c there are several boys in the class from Nully.

There was a young footballer from Nullawil,
Who was so nervous pregame he got ill.
After a loss to Wandella,
You should have seen this fella,
He was more than a little green around the gills.
(Mr C)

Man In The Lake

There once was a man who lived in a lake,
Whose flatulence made the earth quake.
As he let one rip
The wave toppled a ship
And it flattened everything else in its wake.
(Ashley D, Year 9, 2007)

Cook from Wooranook

There once was a chef from Wooranook,
Who left surprises in whatever he cooked.
He kept losing his hair
It could be found everywhere,
So if you eat at his restaurant I suggest you look.
(Blake D, Year 9, 2007)

Footballer from Nyah West

There once a man from Nyah West.
He played football and was considered the best.
He always had a crack,
Even when he played fullback,
If you saw him, you’d think he was blessed.
(Joseph P, Year 9, 2007)

The Dog that Could Fly

There once was a dog that could fly,
The people waved as he went on by.
Then one day he fell,
And didn’t land so well,
So now he doesn’t soar so high.
(Brody M, Year 9, 2007)

The Man from Qatar

There once was a man from Qatar,
Who loved to strum on his guitar.
He snapped off a string,
Off it did fling,
From then on his songs sounded bizarre.
(Hannah G, Year 9, 2007)

Little Miss Muffet

There was a girl who sat under a tree,
Who tried to drink her cup of tea.
Then a spider came down,
And landed on her gown,
So she squealed “Get away from me!”
(Harley D, Year 8, 2007)

Teen With Low-Slung Pants

Yes, this was inspired by a student in the class at the time. He liked it. ;)

A young hood roamed the streets of Walpeup,
Whose only words spoken were “Was’up?”
The farmers all laughed
As he shuffled on past,
To the ladies cry of “Pull those pants up!”.
(Mr C, 2007)

The Dwarf

Inspired by our reading of "The Hobbit" at the time.

A dwarf once abandoned the mines,
For he disliked the dark, dusty confines.
He strode into the open air,
His eyes hurt from the glare,
So he returned to where the sun never shines.
(Mr C, 2007)

Punctuation Woes

Another inspired by the class.

Some students were troubled by punctuation.
Their teacher couldn’t remedy the situation.
He wondered, “If the students don’t try,
What future have I,
And what will be the state of our nation?”
(MrC, 2007)

Year Eight

Another inspired by a student, and maybe a touch of my own memories ;).

A student once said in Year Eight
“Nothing more than school I do hate”
But as he got on,
His memories grew fond,
Of those times he shared with his mates.
(Mr C, 2007)

Drunk Lion

From when we did some silly, animal Limericks.

A lion once went on a bender
Mixing beer and blood in a blender.
The lion gave up the fight,
To the antelope’s delight,
Whose hides no longer seemed quite so tender.
(Mr C, 2007)

Footballing Lamb

Another silly animal one.

A lamb once played footy for Narraport,
For at selection the team was too short.
They sent him a pass,
But he just ate the grass,
I guess sheep aren’t meant to play sport.
(Mr C, 2007)

The Three-Legged Dog

And another.

There was a three-legged dog from Cockatoo
Who loved to ride in the back of the ute.
Over a bump, out he went
His front leg was all bent,
And now the poor sod only has two.
(Mr C, 2007)

The Boy with the Large Eye

And just another silly one.

There was a boy with one large eye,
Understandably he became quite shy.
There was a lot he couldn’t do,
But I can tell you,
He was certainly good at ‘Eye Spy’.
(Mr C, 2007)

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