Health & Medicine

Task 1. (15 points)
Who was responsible for the health and well-being of the people? Were there specific jobs like doctors and nurses? How did their training compare to the health professionals of today? Make detailed comparisons.

Task 2. (10 points)
What materials were used for medical procedures in Ancient Egypt? Draw pictures and describe what might be included in a typical 'surgeon's kit. Include what each item was used for.

Task 3. (10 points )
How advanced was Ancient Egyptian medicine? What types of procedures did they perform? How did it compare to what was happening elsewhere in the world at the time? How did it compare to modern knowledge? Are there procedures used then that we still use now?

Task 4. (10 points)
Draw and label a cartoon or a tomb painting outlining a medical procedure performed in Ancient Egypt.

Task 5. (5 points each)
Outline how Ancient Egyptians might have dealt with a particular malady, illness, injury or disease. Provide a detailed 'cure' or treatment for each impairment chosen. Do you think these would have been effective?

Task 6. (10 points)
Did Ancient Egyptians take measures to keep healthy? What did they do to prevent illness or keep disease away? Outline some exact precautions they took. Do you think they would have been effective?

Task 7. (5 points)
Discuss the Ancient Egyptians beliefs regarding illness. Did they have detailed scientific knowledge, did they believe it was bad luck, or was it meddling spirits and deities that caused illnesses and maladies?

Task 8. (5 points)
Medical items were found in Tutankhamun's tomb. Describe these items and discuss why they would have been included in his tomb.

Task 9. (15 points)
Make your own set of medical instruments. Obviously, you might not be able to use the exact same materials, but you need to know what they would have been made from and used for.

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