A collection of haiku poetry written by the students.

Adding Poems

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I did this haiku about Winter because it was Winter at the time.

As cold as breathing…
Hearing the sound of winter,
Dying from summer.

Hayley, 7/8, 2018

LandCruiser Haiku

I did this haiku because I had just watched an episode of All Aussie Adventures.

In the LandCruiser,
I've got a tent on the back,
Just like Russell Coight.


I wrote this haiku because I love watching sunsets.

The sun in the sky,
Is setting over the lake,
The view is divine.

Sienna, Year 7/8 2018

I wrote this because I like to play netball, and wanted to talk about the feeling of when your waiting for the ball to go through the hoop.


Your heart beat is high,
Something else is also high,
It is the netball.

Sienna, Year 7/8 2018

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