Foxspell is a novel by Gillian Rubenstein that we studied as part of our Year 7/8 Imagination theme.

In the story, Tod has to tread the two worlds of foxes and humans.

Essay Topics

Students are to select one of the following essays.

Topic 1

It was the right decision for Tod to choose the simple, wild life of a fox over the complicated life of a human. Do you agree/disagree?

When completing this essay you may wish to consider whether Tod really had a choice. Be sure to have a good look at what was complicated in his life and what was simple.

Topic 2

At one point in the story the fox spirit noted that, "humans have gone… so far from the spirit world no one understands them." Do you agree with Dan Russel? Have humans become so disconnected from their natural surroundings?

This is a topic on human nature itself and how humans have treated the environment. You will need to consider whether the author has a message for us all.

Topic 3

If Tod had received more attention from his parents, he would not even be in the situation where he must choose between two worlds. Do you agree with this statement?

When answering this you need to look at all the events that lead to him coming into contact with the fox and then fox spirit, and why he kept going back.

Topic 4

There were other more tragic characters than Tod in the book. Whilst all the attention was on his decision, other characters were also struggling with conflicting lives. Discuss three other characters and how their tragedies could have been avoided if they had been given the right help and attention.

For this topic, simply choose three characters whose lives could have been better and discuss why they are the way they are and what could have been done to help them.

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