Fall Of Rome


Europe entered the period called the Dark Ages after the fall of the Roman Empire. (Which was in fact, at this time, the Western Roman Empire). After the 'light' of civilisation was destroyed, it was said that Europe entered a 'dark' time. But was it really that dark? What happened during this time?

Well, before we can answer those questions, let's have a look at how and why the Roman Empire did come to an end. Obviously, the answer is not one simple thing; it was a combination of events that led to its downfall.


To do this we will:

1. Play The Fall of Rome board game in the text Inside the Middle Ages by Jon Inge. (Take note of the kinds of things that happen to your empire as you 'fall' towards the bottom of the page/board).
2. Read Chapter 1 of Out of the Dark Ages by P.D Edwards.
3. View the video below.

4. Write a short summary of why the Roman Empire did fail. (Think about the problems Rome was facing during this time. You might want to mention the state of the leader(s) at the time; the size of the empire; who else was influencing the empire; other factors such as famine, trade problems, civil unrest, etc).

You may do this in dot points if you like, but make sure you look at more than one factor.

If you are having trouble writing your own summary - copy some of the dot points from Out of the Dark Ages or answer some of the questions at the end of Chapter 1 in that text.

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