Everyday Life

For several of these tasks you need to choose a particular member of Ancient Egyptian society. You will then look at the life of this individual. Choices include, but are not limited to: farmer, crafts-person, slave, soldier, priest, scribe, pharaoh, queen, child.

Consider the following points when completing many of the tasks below:
- What do they eat?
- What do they wear?
- Where do they live? What items are in their home?
- Where do they work? What tasks do they perform? What items do they use?
- What religion/deity do they follow?
- What activities do they do for: entertainment, sport, duties, rituals.

Task 1. (25 points)
Make a detailed comic strip depicting a typical day in the life of your chosen individual.

Task 2. (15 points)
Prepare a job description for a job in Ancient Egypt of your choosing. You need to include what skills the applicant needs, what tasks they will be doing, what tools they will work with, who they work with/for, and where the job is.

Task 3. (15 points)
Compare and contrast the daily life of a wealthy Ancient Egyptian with that of a poorer person.

Task 4. (15 points)
Compare and contrast a poor person’s residence to a wealthy person’s residence. How do these buildings compare to modern homes? (What do they have that modern homes do not have and vice versa?)

Task 5. (20 points)
You are a child in an Ancient Egyptian family. A special festival has just been held which was a holiday for all of your family and friends. Write a diary entry for the special day that includes all of the activities that took place. Include sketches and diagrams to assist your account.

Task 6. (20 points)
Imagine someone from the modern world gets sucked back in time to Ancient Egypt. Write a short story detailing the difficulties they have fitting in with the Egyptian culture and having to do things without the aid of modern technologies.

Task 7. (10 points)
Outline a typical day in the life of an individual of your choosing. Just describe what they do from when they get up in the morning, until they go to bed that night. (If you are doing Task 1 also, then this individual must be a different one than the one selected there).

Task 8. (5 points)
Identify a picture of Ancient Egypt that shows some form of sport, entertainment or leisure activity. Describe in your own words what is shown and explain why you chose this picture.

Task 9. (10 points)
Make a list of popular activities that Ancient Egyptians took part in. Draw two of these with a description of what is happening in each picture.

Task 10. (10/20 points)
You have been asked to arrange a feast for a hundred guests in a noble’s villa. Design a menu for this feast. (You may even wish to try some Ancient Egyptian recipes yourself).

Task 11. (20 points)
Craft your own Ancient Egyptian item, such as a senet board, musical instrument or even pottery (that needs to be decorated).

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