Education & Writing

Task 1. (20 points)
Describe the education available to the boys and girls of Ancient Egypt. Was the level of education different for poor people compared to rich people? How does this compare with our education system? This is an essay-type question, so make sure there is plenty of discussion.

Task 2. (10 points)
What are hieroglyphics and why were they important to Ancient Egyptian society? Draw some and label what each stands for. On a scroll, write your full name in large hieroglyphics for display.

Task 3. (5 points)
What materials were used for writing in Ancient Egypt? Draw pictures and describe each item. Include what they wrote on as well as what they wrote with.

Task 4. (5 points)
Which discovery led to our understanding of hieroglyphics? Who found it? Where was it found? What was so special about it?

Task 5. (5 points)
What was Thomas Young’s contribution to our understanding of hieroglyphics?

Task 6. (5 points)
What is a cartouche? Make a bookmark with your own cartouche upon it.

Task 7. (5 points)
Discuss some tasks that Ancient Egyptians used mathematics for.

Task 8. (15 points)
Evaluate why the job of scribe was considered to be very important. What did they record? What kinds of people would employ scribes? Why do you think scribes honoured Thoth as their special god?

Task 9. (10/20 points)
Learn how to make your own paper from papyrus or other reeds. Include an instruction sheet so others may learn how to make it too. (If you have access to the materials make some).

Task 10. (15 points)
You are a student in an Ancient Egyptian school. Describe your day.

Task 11. (15 points)
Make a clay tablet on which you write a short message in hieroglyphics. Write the message in English on a card so others can decipher what is on your clay tablet.

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