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The Room of a Neat Freak

I made this poem based off a room of a neat freak.

Whosever room this is should be praised.
This room is almost spotless.
There is a keyboard used to practice chords.
The bed is made and never a mess.

There is an Xbox and a nerdy poster.
Whosever room this is is a massive geek,
And on the mat is a cat that looks like a rat.
It is obvious that this room is owned by a neat freak.

(Xav, 7, 2018)

The Bedroom

This poem took a while to write becuase I didn't properly understand how to write a descriptive poem.

Whosever room this is should be praised!
Her bed made and smelling strawberry sweet,
Her desk tidy and full of homework,
Her floor is clean and looking neat.

The posters on the wall depict her personality,
And her clothes are neatly folded in her draw.
The board games are tidily stacked away,
And her dog is asleep on her bed aw.

This was just her dream,
Her room isn’t really this neat,
The bed doesn’t ever get made,
And it actually smells like feet.

The floor isn’t actually clean or tidy,
It’s actually quite a disgusting mess.
Her desk is full of paper, pens and rubbish,
It’s just atrocious and making me stress.

Her dog is tearing apart her pillow,
Which is now just a bunch of feathers.
This girl needs to look at this mess,
And clean it on a day with horrible weather.
(Lilly, 7/8, 2018)

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