Clothing & Jewellery

Task 1. (5 points)
Describe the clothing worn for everyday use by the common people of Ancient Egypt. Draw both a male and a female in their clothing.

Task 2. (15 points)
How did the clothing of wealthy Egyptians differ from poorer members of society? Provide diagrams of various types of clothing and discuss what each was used for. Design a suitable outfit for a specific occasion, such as for a queen attending a temple opening. Make sure you use similar textures and patterns used in Ancient Egypt.

Task 3. (5 points)
Describe the different materials that Ancient Egyptian clothing was made from. How did they produce these materials?

Task 4. (10/20 points)
Both women and men wore make-up in ancient Egypt. Describe the make-up and cosmetics that they wore, what materials they were made from, where were these materials obtained, and why were cosmetics used? (For 10 extra points, make some Egyptian make-up and apply it to a friends face to present on the market day).

Task 5. (10 points)
Using a diagram of Egyptian-style make-up and a picture of a modern face with make-up (from a magazine) compare and contrast the two.

Task 6. (15+ points)
Describe some items of jewellery worn by the Ancient Egyptians. What materials were they made from? Where were these materials obtained? Draw three of you favourite pieces and design one of your own in a similar style. (You may even wish to make some of your own jewellery. Each item of jewellery that you make adds 5 to your points total).

Task 7. (10 points)
How is Ancient Egyptian jewellery different from what we might see in a modern jewellery shop? What was the purpose of Egyptian jewellery? What symbols or good luck charms do you know of in use today?

Task 8. (20/25 points)
Dress a doll in the appropriate clothing of an Ancient Egyptian man or woman. You will need to find out the style of clothing, jewellery, shoes and hairstyles. Design, cut out and sew your creation from scraps of material. (Alternatively dress up a friend and present them to the class for market day. You may even wish to host a fashion parade).

Task 9. (10 points)
Discuss the hairstyles of Ancient Egyptians. Would you consider a similar style in today’s society? Why/why not? Egyptians also made use of wigs and fake beards. What were these made from and what was their purpose?

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