Battles Of WW2

For this assignment, you are to chose one of the battles of WW2 to look at in detail. Make sure you choose one of interest to you. I have listed some of the famous battles below, but you are free to select any of the conflicts that occurred during this time period.

If you select a large war, such as the taking of Poland, try to find the name of one particular battle during that campaign.


Example Battles and Campaigns

  • Italy's invasion of Albania
  • Siege of Leningrad
  • Battle of Stalingrad
  • The Winter War (Germany vs Russia)
  • Germany's invasion of Norway
  • Rats of Tobruk
  • Battle of El Alamein
  • Taking of Poland (by Germany and Russia)
  • Finno-Soviet War
  • Battle of Britain
  • Evacuation at Dunkirk
  • Bombing of Pearl Harbour
  • Taking of Iwo Jima
  • Guardalcanal
  • Bombing of Darwin
  • Normandy Landing / D-Day
  • Taking of Berlin
  • Germany's offensive into France through the Ardennes

Battle Task 1 - Outline of the Battle

When researching for this task, you need to consult at least three sources. A vareity of sources is also desirable: web pages, books, videos, text books, etc. Make sure you record what references you actually use.

  1. Outline the circumstances that led up to this battle. Why were the forces gathered here? What was the reason for this battle?
  2. Outline the troops involved on both sides.
  3. Outline the commanders on each side.
  4. How did the battle unfold? How did it end? Who was victorious?

Battle Task 2 - Creative Writing Piece

Point of view writing. Select a person involved in the battle and give an account of one major event from their perspective. This person could be a named soldier or commander or a fictitious person you create for the purpose of this writing task. You may even present this as a diary entry. (~600 words).

For example, if you are doing D-Day, who do you choose?

  • a Pathfinder that had to be dropped first to signal in the rest of the paratroopers.
  • a British paratrooper sent in overnight behind enemy lines.
  • a commander waiting for the weather to break to start the operation.
  • a British, American or Canadian soldier who has to storm the beach.
  • a member of a ship's crew, such as the mine sweepers that had to go first.
  • a German soldier defending the coast.
  • a pilot that had to drop the paratroopers or bombard the German defenses.
  • a French civilian that witnessed a part of the action unfolding.

(For inspiration, think of the short films we watched for the end of WW I. Make your story personal).

Things to consider:

  • Are you a soldier, leader or civilian?
  • How did the battle go for you?

For Point of View Writing remember:

  1. Your writing must still be accurate to what really happened. You are not making it up. Try to be descriptive in your accounts of events.
  2. Crawl inside the chosen person's head. The main aim of P.O.V writing is to get the person's thoughts and observations about what is going on around them.
  3. The best P.O.V writing delves even deeper into the character's thoughts though. Give your chosen person's thoughts on the 'Big Picture' - in this case the battle at large or even World War II itself. What does this person think about the overall conflict, not just the tiny battle/operation they are involved in?

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