A collection of Ballads I have kept or students have chosen to add from the poetry classes I have taught.

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My Mum

I did this poem about my mum because I love her to the moon and back.

Let me tell you about someone,
Who means the world to me.
She is my mum, who is so much fun.
My sisters and I are the door and mum is the key.

Mum grew up in Quambatook,
And had an older sister.
She learned how to cook,
But there she didn’t find a Mr.

So she moved to Bendigo,
She got a full time job.
She meet a girl who she still knows.
She didn’t like everyone but she was ever a snob.

She want to Wyche and meet dad in the pub,
They built a house over the hill.
They got married to join the club.
Mum had 3 little girls that was such a thrill.

The three little girls started to grow,
They all fly so high.
The age is starting to show.
But we will always have a greatest mum.

Hayley, 7/8, 2018

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