2015 Poetry

Emperor of Rome Limerick

I wrote this one for our History class. I am sure you can guess which movie we had just finished viewing ;).

There was a young emperor of Rome,
Who wished to ascend to the throne.
He was a tad mad,
He bumped off his dad,
Then celebrated with the greatest games ever known.
(Mr C)

The Boy Who Pushed Too Hard Limerick

One I put together as a demonstration for the class, after talking about how Limericks were often a little rude or bawdy.

There was a boy with very bad flatulence.
Who liked to let one rip at every chance.
One day, he pushed so hard,
That his classmates were scarred,
By the stench and the stain in his pants.
(Mr C)

Young Footballer from Nullawil

Just b/c there are several boys in the class from Nully.

There was a young footballer from Nullawil,
Who was so nervous pregame he got ill.
After a loss to Wandella,
You should have seen this fella,
He was more than a little green around the gills.
(Mr C)

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